Indigo: „Stay Together“

Internationale Rezensionen

Indigo veröffentlichte bei Lielow Records die CD „Stay together“. Dian Pratiwi – Guest-Singer on “You are the sunshine of my life” and “What´s going on”. Es gab Internationale positive Resonanzen auf die deutsche Smooth-Jazz-CD des Jazztrios.

allaboutjazz-logo Das bekannte amerikanische Jazz-Magazin “All about Jazz” schreibt:

German jazz trio Indigo pay tribute to Al Green and other ’70s soul stars on new CD
The German trio Indigo is illuminated by the stirring soul of Al Green on their new album, Stay Together. The name of the record itself is a nod to the great reverend, whose 1972 classic “Let’s Stay Together” is also covered here with a smooth-jazz sheen. Indigo display their deep affection for ’70s soul on Stay Together. Not only is Green paid tribute to but also his peers Stevie Wonder and the late Marvin Gaye. Green is given the opening slot with “Let’s Stay Together,” and it provides a warm introduction to Indigo’s sound, which is primarily acoustic and unified by Latin rhythms and smooth textures. “Let’s Stay Together” borders on light funk as well, but the soothing, mellow vibe is framed by Edelhoff’s tasteful, crisply produced guitar playing.

The instrument of choice seems to be a nylon string guitar, and on Indigo’s makeover of the often-remade “Girl from Ipanema,” it radiates with a transcendent glow. The guitar  playing is fluid throughout, especially on “Take Five” and Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely.” Indigo strips “Isn’t She Lovely” of the Adult Contemporary blandness it has since absorbed over the past few decades and reinvigorated it with an achingly pretty jazz arrangement.

The instrumentals are gorgeous; however, when Indonesian vocalist Dian Pratiwi takes the microphone, Indigo sound even more inspired. With its powerhouse socio-political message, Gaye’s “What’s Going On” is certainly timeless but the original is such a classic that it is almost sacrilegious to cover it. But Pratiwi sings it with a peaceful croon, a subtle approach that reveals the tune’s hauntingly pretty melodies. Indigo supports Pratiwi with a thumping Cuban beat on Wonder’s “You Are the Sunshine of My Life.” What is old becomes new again in the steady hands and bright vision of Indigo.

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Eine Rezension aus den Niederlanden:

„Let´s stay together “ – The album starts with this great hit-song from soul singer Al Green in a groovy but dreamful way. Perhaps the most successful jazz song “Take Five” reflects an european lounge-sound with acoustic instruments. “Have you met miss Jones” and “Isn´t she lovely” are cool jazz tunes with nice swinging solos from drums, bass and guitar. The emotional ballads “Moon River” and “Somewhere over the rainbow” are tastfully played with acoustic and electric guitar. Brazilian flavoured latin-jazz tunes are Antonio Carlos Jobims “Girl from Ipanema” and Matt Biancos “Half a minute”. Both are featuring guitar playing with a heart touching spanish nylon string guitar. The cuban-arrangement of Stevie Wonders “You are the sunshine of my life” shows the impressing vocals of the guest singer Dian Pratiwi of Indonesia. The album ends with an smooth vocal version of Marvin Gayes “What´s going on”. In summary, it can be stated that all the songs on this album articulate a variety of tunes and styles from jazz, swing, pop, soul and latin in a small and compact trio setting with lots of feeling and emotions. Please stay together, Indigo! – Carsten Hoelscher (Enschede/NL)


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Für Radio-Redakteure bieten wir hier eine Radio-Zusammenstellung (radio-sheet).

Das Cover der Indigo CD

  1. Let´s stay together
  2. Take Five
  3. Girl from Ipanmea
  4. Have you met miss Jones
  5. You are the sunshine of my life [938 KB] feat. Dian Pratiwi
  6. Somewhere over the rainbow
  7. Isn´t she lovely
  8. Moon River
  9. Half a minute
  10. What´s goin on feat. Dian Pratiwi